Wednesday, January 11, 2017

4x’s The Customers, Zero Extra Work

From Misha:
This Friday at 7 PM Eastern time, you’ll learn 14
ways to double your profits in the next 60 days
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Yesterday I shared with you the vital importance
of focusing all of your efforts into building out your
sales process, and how in reality, it’s the only thing
that really matters.

We also talked about our upcoming class, where
I’ll share with you 14 ways to double your profits
in the next 60 days, or if you’re just getting started,
put you on the fast track to six figures in 3 months
or less. 

If you know me, well, you better bring your favorite
drink and a snack, as chances are that we’ll end
up going on for QUITE SOME TIME, as I never
leave any stone unturned. 

For now, we’re going to dig a little bit deeper, and
begin to dissect a few key points that make up a
near “Perfect Sales Process”… 

A powerful Jedi you are about to become. 

Let’s dive in…

I remember it like yesterday… 

Driving around the Wailea Elua property as
a security guard on late-night graveyard shifts. 
A few years earlier I had lost nearly a full tennis
scholarship to a division one college due to a potentially
life threatening case of adrenal fatigue, and as a result
had been forced to quit EVERY endeavor I had been
pursuing, to be more or less bed ridden for 3 straight

I had gotten a little job in a restaurant bussing tables
and running food, but even that proved to much for
my body to handle, and I was forced to quit after a
few months on the job. 

Constant heart palpitations, cold sweats, never
ending anxiety, and a nonexistent sex drive were
just a few of the symptoms. 

Backed into a corner I took the job as a security
guard on the property that my dad managed (and
still does).

I remember those 8 hour shifts feeling 10 times
longer than they actually were, never actually living
a minute of my life, constantly consumed by the
never ending thoughts that raced through my

“How did I get here?” I thought to myself. 

“I don’t deserve this.” I reiterated over and over
and over again. 

“Where’s my life going?” I constantly wondered and

To have something that you put your entire heart and
soul into for years on end pulled out from underneath
you is one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever
been through… 

And to add to it, with the loss also went my prospective
future (a college scholarship and potential professional
tennis career), well to put it lightly, I was completely lost
and hated life. 

I wouldn’t say I was suicidal, but I also definitely
didn’t care about living… The honest truth is that 3
years into dealing with never ending pain and fatigue,
part of me was ready to be done, and it may very
well have been a welcomed relief.  

The only thing that got me through those tough
times was my new found obsession… 

My little piece of hope in a sea of doubt, uncertainty,
and anxiety…

Internet Marketing. 

I had learned about the profession a few months
earlier, and dove in head first. It was something
for me to fill my time with, something that I was
able to do physically, and the opportunities
seemed endless. 

At that point I had yet to make my first sale in
my bizopp.

I had made a few CPA sales here and there, but
my luck with those had burned out quickly, and the
bizopp industry was only proving more difficult. 
I had placed a few ads and generated a few leads,
but couldn’t quite seem to crack the sales portion
of the equation. 

I’d wake up in the morning, spend all day studying
my new found addition, and then all night driving
around on the golf cart as the communities trusted
security guard  listening to information products,
courses, interviews, and youtube videos. 

Anything I could find, I consumed. I was addicted
as I looked at Internet Marketing as my one remaining
shot to “make it big”.

That night, the one I told you I remember like
yesterday is when everything began to turn around. 
A warm Maui evening with a near full moon and
a steady westward blowing wind. 

Just like every other night, I was seeking information,
answers, that piece of the puzzle that seemed to be

I remember searching through old blog posts of
Daegan Smiths (the one person who’s attributed most
to my businesses success), and remember stumbling
upon one piece of content that would change it all, and
serve as a spark-plug to my success Online… 

An interview between Daegan and Russell Brunson. 

One lesson learned on that interview, changed
everything and gave me that little piece of hope I

At the time Russell was selling a $100 a month
membership site, and was dealing with the exact
same issues as I was. 

He was generating traffic and leads, but wasn’t
seeing the kind of sales that he wanted to. 

He WAS making many more than I was, and already
had a successful business, but he still wasn’t happy
with his numbers. 

Then one day after he had heard one to many
customer support complaints about his phone sales
team hard closing people he decided to listen to
all of the recordings from all of his teams sales calls. 
While Russell wasn’t happy with what he heard from
his phone team, he did find something incredibly

…One question  and concern that kept coming up for
 his customers over and over and over again… 

“Russell, if it’s so good, why don’t you just give it
to use for f.ree and then let us pay you with the

After an hour of hearing the same question come
up for all of his customers, he knew exactly what
he had to do. 

He went back to his office, and immediately cut
a sales video with an offer that was a $1 trial,
and which proposed to his customers that they
could “try it before they buy it, and then only after
they made money with his training, pay him with
the profits.”

His front end sales immediately quadrupled, as
he quickly built the most successful membership
site on  the Internet in a matter of just months. 
I clearly remember my palms sweating and hands
shaking as I heard the story. 

“What would happen if I could instantly create 4x
as many customers?” I thought to myself. 

“How much more quickly would I be able to
build my e-mail list?” I wondered. 

Now it just so happened that at the time Daegan
was promoting an offer with with trial on the front
end that when you purchased you could immediately
re-sell as your own (which is a hidden lesson in of
Itself - remember, read every word closely)…

I signed up immediately, got my affiliate link, and
placed my first solo ad promoting the new offer.
I went to bed that night nervous with anticipation
about what was to come next…

I was sure this was the answer I had been seeking.  
7 or so hours later I woke up to a little bit of magic. 
2 $10 trial sales. 

My first 2 sales of a business opportunity ever. 
Sure it was only $18 in commissions (as I earned
90% of all of the trials), but to me, it was pure
magic… Something that sparked my hope, and
gave me validation that this whole “Interwebs
Marketing” thing was actually real.

What was even cooler is that when I checked in
with the Facebook community a few minutes later,
people from all around the world just like myself were
producing the exact same result and making sales
for the very first time. 

Within the next 72 hours I had made my first 10
sales, and then soon there after hit the leaderboards
for the very first time. 

I focused ALL of my energy on promoting that trial
offer, and within just about 9 months time, I had
brought my first 450 customers into the business
and as a result, had my first $10,000 month, thus
cracking the six figure code. 

All because I tapped into the immense power
of the trial offer, and thus entered the conversation
going on inside my prospects mind. 

Remember this… 

The fastest way for you to make more sales
and profits is to simply enter the conversation
already going on in your prospects mind, and
then to simply give them what they want, vs.
trying to hard sell them on new ideas or new

Right now, every time you send an offer
to your prospects with some big time guru asking
for their mon.ey, your prospects ARE thinking
“If it’s so good, why doesn’t he just give it
to use for f.ree and then let us pay you with the

Instead of trying to hard sell them on why
they should indeed give the big time guru
more mo.ney than they already have, send
them to a trial offer, and watch your customer
base 4X itself, doing zero extra work.

BUT, please understand… a trial offer is ONLY
one little piece of the puzzle that will allow you
to create more initial customers. 

If you are struggling with sales conversions, yes
It will help… But without a few other critical
components in your sales process (components
that I’ll share with you in the next few e-mails, you’ll
surely go broke, and continue to remain stuck,
struggling, and constantly spinning your wheels). 
For now, signup for Fridays class right here in
order to learn 14 ways to double your profits in
the next 60 day, or if you’re just getting started,
get on the fast track to six figures in as little as
just 3 months. 

…And then be sure to lookout for tomorrows
e-mail with the subject line “From pain pill
addiction to a six figure income (Ch. 3 of 7)”,
where I’ll share with you a “hidden secret” that
will 3 times the value of every single trial customer
you generate, thus ensuring big profits on virtually
every single ad campaign you run.

For some, tomorrow's lesson will shock you.

For others, it will piss you off.

For those in the "know" that have been trying
to keep what I share tomorrow secret, tomorrow's
lesson will certainly create a great deal of fear
and anxiety.


For me, I'll probably create a few enemies by
letting out this little known dark secret that the
gurus DON’T want you to get your hands on.

Click here to register for Fridays intensive, and
until then keep an eye out for tomorrows e-mail.

Again, the subject line will be, “From pain pill
addiction to a six figure income”

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