Thursday, November 20, 2014

50% Off Biotrust, Worried About Packing On The Pounds, Well, You Are Covered!

I want to share this message with you from Joel,

If you’re concerned about packing on the pounds again this
holiday season, don’t worry as we’ve got you covered…

Because we know that Thanksgiving through New Years is jam-packed with good eats and plenty of carbs, we're going to do something HUGE for you to fight off that pesky holiday weight gain this year.

You see, for the next 5000 bottles (and this email is going out to hundreds of thousands of our loyal subscribers right now), we are going to let you get your hands on up to 6 bottles of our extremely effective "carb-fighting" formula, IC-5, at HALF price.  (Sorry, but there is a strict limit of 6 per order).

==> IC-5 HALF Price Holiday Special  (don't delay, we will sell out quickly)

In fact, we opened this special offer up to a very small amount of customers just moments ago, and there are already more than 600 bottles GONE.

IC-5 is a truly revolutionary product whose ingredients are shown through peer-reviewed research to help you shuttle the carbohydrates you eat to muscle (to be used as energy) instead of being stored as stomach flab like you're probably used to.

IC-5 helps you:

*automatically lower the glycemic index of the foods you eat
*significantly increase insulin sensitivity so you can burn more fat
*considerably decrease fat storage from carb intake
*dramatically increase carbohydrate tolerance and fat-burning

Don't fall victim to packing on another 10 pounds this holiday season.  Get everything you need to know about IC-5 and secure your HALF price order at this link right now before we're sold out:

==> Get IC-5 at HALF Price Today (don't delay, we will sell out quickly)

To your results,

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