Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Save Big! Biotrust Nutrion: Low Carb Protein, Amino Acid Blend,Digestive Enzime, Carb Control And MORE

I am sharing this special with you :) ..  Got this email this morning...
NOTE: Less than 100 bottles of all products remain!

For just a few hours you can save 30% on many of our TOP QUALITY BioTrust products!
You see, we have manufactured well over 1 million all-natural BioTRUST products and we occasionally SCREW UP and a product is pulled off the line because a label may get scratched or a bottle slightly dented. (Sometimes we even put a label on crooked.) 

No big deal, right? Well, not exactly. You see, because BioTRUST is a premium brand that is dedicated to doing everything first class, selling these products at full price would go against our high company standards. (Even though they are 100% sealed, safe and fresh.) 

With that in mind, we’ve decided to put these “scratch and dent” products on sale at 30% OFF today so you can save BIG at our expense!  Just use the coupon code dent30 at checkout to save 30% on your entire order today, but hurry, quantities are extremely limited (and not all products are available).  

In fact, given that this newsletter is going out to hundreds of thousands of our loyal subscribers right now, we fully expect this limited "scratch & dent" inventory to be completely gone in a matter of hours.

To save today, just start your order with one of our premium products below and then use the menus of the site to add additional products to your order while getting 30% OFF everything listed below! 

Again, the code to use at checkout for a whopping 30% savings on your ENTIRE order today is dent30 -- and be sure to stock up during this rare sale as there are NO quantity limits or restrictions until we sell out! 

==> BioTrust Low Carb - Delicious, All-Natural Time-Released Protein Blend
(420 containers available) 

==> LeptiBurn - Advanced Fat-Burning Hormone Support
(645 bottles available)   

==> IC-5 - Advanced Insulin and Carbohydrate Management - Don't Eat Carbs Without It
(272 bottles available) 

==> Pro-X10 - Advanced Microencapsulated Probiotic Blend (now with Actazin!)
(298 bottles available)

==> BCAA Matrix - Lose Fat Not Muscle - Premium Muscle-Sparing Amino Acid Blend
(283 bottles available) 

==> AbsorbMax - Premium Digestive Enzymes (now with GlutenGone!)
(151 bottles available) 

Yes, we screwed up, so you save BIG (at least for a few hours)! 

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