Monday, August 5, 2013

BodyHealth Launches Replacement for HCG Drops

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BodyHealth Launches Replacement for HCG Drops
(Summary Paragraph)
has unveiled new weight management drops to replace its HCG product.

Clearwater, FL – BodyHealth has launched the Optimum Weight Management Formula (OWMF) as a replacement for its HCG drops and the new homeopathic product does so much more than HCG alone. The OWMF not only resets the hypothalamus, as HCG did, but also improves thyroid performance, and pituitary gland function. The 15 other homeopathic remedies included in the mix really deliver what every dieter needs - they relieve hunger, boost metabolic rate, reduce cravings for sweets, and counteract fatigue.

Medical Director of BodyHealth, Dr. David Minkoff explains how the drops work. "The OWMF drops work by helping to balance the body’s delicate endocrine network. This network includes the master glands in the brain, the hypothalamus and pituitary, and those in the body, the adrenals, thyroid, ovary and testicle. If these organs are not in harmony, then problems with appetite, cravings, and slowed metabolism may lead to excess weight gain."

The BodyHealth Optimum Weight Management Program combines OWMF drops with a medically approved low-calorie nutritious diet. This combination helps to reset the hypothalamus so that natural appetite control can be restored and maintained. With better endocrine balance, the diet and added supplementation, we increase fat burning, increase body energy, and help to preserve lean body mass.

Says Dr. Minkoff, "previous purchasers of HCG drops have reported greater success with this new product, and are enjoying all the other benefits it offers. We are anticipating really significant results with the OWMF drops."

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