Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Top 3 "Dirty Little Secrets" Lurking In The Pain Relief Industry's Closet Of LIES!

Dear friend,

It’s urgent that you watch this short video of Dr. Oz (from T.V.) I stumbled onto.
In it he confirms on camera this startling fact:
Common over-the-counter medicines and pain relievers kill 16,685 people a year!
In the video Dr. Oz calls this a “secret hazard” of using these dangerous drugs.
And this hazard is silently wreaking havoc in millions of lives. In fact, you’re probably being effected as we speak - one of an estimated 60 million people…

You can see the clip of Dr. Oz unmasking this silent killer here: Dr. Oz Reveals: Deadly Poison in Your Medicine Cabinet!

Unfortunately, even with the warnings of those like Dr. Oz, millions of lives will be ravaged by ulcers, stomachs bleeding… suffer kidney damage… triple their risk for stroke…
And 16,685 will needlessly die from the effects of these drugs. That’s the saddest part – the unnecessary death. 

But the hard truth is this: you can’t block the punch you don’t see coming.
And that’s why I’m writing you this email. 

Because like most people, you probably take these common over the counter drugs (referred to as NSAIDs.)
They include popular over the counter drugs like:
· Tylenol…
· Advil…
· Bayer…
· Aleve…
· Motrin…
· And more…

And millions of people like you use them to deal with things like: Headaches… muscle aches… cramps… low back pain… arthritis pain… etc.
But according to experts like Dr. Oz, even the tiniest overdose of the main ingredients in these NSAIDs can cause massive damage to your body.

You can hear Dr. Oz explain in his own words how easily an overdose can happen:
Simply taking even the recommended safe dosage of two of these medicines together (such as taking a cough suppressant coupled with an antihistamine if you have a cold)…

Can create a toxic overdose in your body. Which poisons your organs, impairs their proper function, and cuts a steady path of destruction through your internal organs…
And the scariest part is: you’ll never know your body is being destroyed until it’s too late.
In this shocking video you’ll discover why the common practice of taking a slightly bigger dosage than recommended because: “It doesn’t seem to be working yet” is like holding a loaded gun to your head.

And Dr. Oz gives you the startling facts of why even popping a few of these pills each day to help you cope with all the little aches and pains… is like assisting in your own suicide.
When was the last time you heard this? 

Has anyone ever warned you against taking the safe recommended dosages of over the counter meds for simple minor aches and pains or the “common cold?”
And why does none of the mainstream medical “experts” ever tell you about more natural remedies for your aches and pains… Or even what’s really causing the problem?
The truth is this: you’re wasting your money on over the counter drugs that only temporarily mask the side effects of your internal issue – but never solve anything.
And all the stress on your body from these over the counter killers take a heavy toll on your organs.

Plus, your lining the pockets of the pain relief industry while their products kill you from the inside out!

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To your health,

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