Thursday, March 7, 2013

STOP eating these 3 foods (eat these instead)

As we mentioned in yesterday's article, within your gut resides more than 100 TRILLION living bacteria that control many aspects of your health, and unfortunately, due to things like the ingestion of artificial sweeteners (found in diet beverages and food products) that kill off the healthy bacteria in your gut, most folks have created a massive and very dangerous bacterial imbalance in their body.

But it doesn't just stop with diet beverages and artificial sweeteners. In fact, there are MANY foods that can do SERIOUS damage to your gut and your immune system, all while destroying your overall health and dramatically slowing your fatloss to boot.

The TOP 10 Gut-Cleansing Foods (flush out TOXINS and "bad" bugs with these)

Here are three of the absolute WORST:

1. Sugar. We all know sugar is bad news for fatloss and insulin levels; in fact, excessive sugar intake can and often will result in insulin resistance and Type II laughing matter there. But what most people don't realize is that sugar acts as a fertilizer for the "bad", health-destroying bacteria in your gut.

Yes, that's right...every time you eat sugar (added by the truckload into snacks, cereals, desserts, juice, sodas, teas, and a host of other food and beverage items), the infectious, pathogenic baceteria in your gut feed on it, multiply, and spread further throughout your intestinal walls, wreaking havoc on your entire body, and your health.

If you ever want to achieve optimal health and your ideal body, limit your sugar intake, plain and simple.

2. Processed, packaged foods (i.e. anything that comes in a bag or a box). Processed, packaged foods that come in a bag or a box, with a laundry list of ingredients, contain MANY bad-bacteria promoting chemicals and food additives that destroy your gut and create a toxic environment in your belly that can quickly spread throughout your entire body.

Instead, strive to eat whole, natural foods--without all the additives--and you'll be well on your way to a healthier bacterial balance in your belly. Where are these whole, natural foods found? In the produce aisle, and in the lean meat section of your local grocer.

One other tip, reach for the organic varieties of these foods when possible as agriculture chemicals sprayed on produce, and antibiotics and hormones injected into meats, can also have a significant negative effect on gut bacteria.

3. Yogurt. "Huh? I thought yogurt was a great source of healthy bacteria?!" Well, while that can be true, most of the time it's not because the vast majority of yogurts are either full of sugar or artificial sweeteners that feed the bad bacteria and kill the good bacteria in your gut.

Yogurt is a great choice; just make sure there are no added sweeteners -- be it sugar, sucralose, saccharine, or aspartame. These sweeteners will cancel out any and ALL positive effects of yogurt by wreaking more havoc on your gut bacteria before the "good stuff" in yogurt even has a chance to go to work.

Now, those are three of the WORST foods for your gut, but how would you like to know TEN of the absolute BEST?

Unlike the gut-damaging foods above, these 10 foods help to restore a healthy bacterial balance in your belly by killing off the bad bacteria while at the same time giving you loads more of the vitally important, beneficial bacteria that is so critical to both your health and fat loss goals.

Fortunately, my good friend and Registered Dietician, Brett Hall, has created a brand new report revealing the TOP 10 Gut-Cleansing Foods, and he's giving it away 100% FREE this week. Download your free copy in a few seconds and get your hands on the Top 10 Gut-Cleaning Foods, 100% FREE, right here:

 The TOP 10 Gut-Cleansing Foods (flush out TOXINS and "bad" bugs with these)

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