Thursday, October 11, 2012

Small Easy Baby Steps To Lose Weight


From My Friend
Hi, I don't know what to do anymore. I like Weight Watchers, but can't stick to it. And then, there is Atkins which is stricter but not easy to do. I don't know what to do anymore. I know that some of my eating issues are due to my past emotional issues, and my alslo my current emotional issues. I need to loose the weight, I really don't know what to eat and if I count calories I don't know how many calories things are. That's kind of why I like WW but that didn't work either. I have been on many other diets and programs, but they do not work for me. Any of them.  

My Answer: I am thinking, Friend, sometimes you try to make it too difficult, and then you feel bad, you feel guilty and you feel a failure.

The thing is, it doesn't have to be so hard :)   If none of the programs or diets work.... then don't use them! I know you for over 40 years, and I know that not a single diet has worked for you, instead, you have continued to gain weight, and agonize over it.  Do the weight loss journey your own way, your own style, the way it fits your body, your mind, your emotions. And don't do life altering changes, rather, do it in steps. But be consistent.    

Here are a few thoughts and tips.  

1 - First, try and think about the food you put in your mouth, become aware of what you eat ... Ponder about it "Is it good for me?" "Will it make me lose or gain?"

2 - Cut back on the portions a little at a time, but consistently
A little less....butter, gravy, sauces, but don't cut it all out.

3 - Have treats, just not every day. And, try and find treats that you like, are healthy, and will make you feel good. Keep hunting and looking when you shop. Try different stores, markets.

4 - Cut back on starches, (now known as high GI foods) potatoes, rice, noodles, bread, but don't cut them out. And make the breads healthy choices.

5 - Increase, salads, cabbages, non starchy veggies. Red cabbage, etc.
Eat fruit, yogurts, especially Greek yogurts, low fat cheeses,

You Know :) ... just eat good healthy and wholesome foods, you know what they are, and you will lose, ... 

And remember, there is no way to fail on this diet, after all, in life we will have days when we veer off and eat the "good old foods", and then we just continue on our merry healthy way again. Don't weigh yourself too often, after all, healthy weight loss is slow and permanent. Because you are on your new "rest of your life" way of eating.

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