Friday, October 19, 2012

Culinary Medicine Turning Food Into Medicine


From Dr Oz, Here are some tips, Culinary Medicine, .... Dr John La Puma Transforming Meals Into Medicine,

Food can be a potent medicine, - So, make the good food taste good so people will actually eat it  

Food can become your best medicine. 70% disease is preventable by what you buy and eat 80% of cancer is preventable by what you buy and eat  

Start with "Bites" .... 

erries, the darker the berry the more anti-oxidants
Indian Spices  
Eggs, for protein  

Pacific Salmon  
Bulgar wheat 1 cup a day .... great fiber, whole grain, helps reduce risk of breast cancer Limes... are magic  
Grapes- Purple grapes are best (taste awesome frozen)  
Aruglua... Great for tea 

Immunity Fighting Foods  

Tahini - protein, zinc, magnesium (greek yogurt, little garlic, little lemon, tahini, mix - Makes a great dip 2 tblsp day (hight in calories), eat slowly and savour.  
Black Pepper,  
Oregano - Oregano Leaf OIL kills 30 different germs  

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